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Welcome to Devonport High School


Devonport High School is a co-educational state school which was founded in 1916 and continues on in the fine traditions established over a century ago.  To attend Devonport High School in the past, students had to sit an entrance exam and demonstrate a clear desire to achieve academic excellence.

We are proud of our past students’ outstanding academic and sporting achievements and seek to continue to provide an innovative and challenging learning environment to ensure our students are well equipped to meet future academic and life challenges.

Devonport High School has Quality Teaching at the heart of the school’s Operational Plan where teachers focus on the learning outcomes for all students.

This means that teachers:

  • Are passionate about helping their students learn
  • Aim to forge strong relationships with their students
  • Are clear about what they want their students to learn
  • Adopt evidence-based teaching strategies
  • Monitor their impact on students’ learning, and adjust their approaches accordingly
  • Actively seek to improve their own teaching

Prospective parents/guardians, and students, are warmly invited to contact the school Admin Team for further information and to arrange a tour of the school facilities and to arrange an appointment with one of the Assistant Principals.

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